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Healthcare Solutions

ITG strives to advance human health through collaborative research, capacity-building to bridge the gap of the existing health-care equity. Since it's inception ITG has brought together the best staff with a combined 20 years’ experience working in various countries applying research principles and methodologies. Our approach has demonstrated that significant improvement is attainable despite the challenges posed by a lack of resources, skills, and advanced technologies. From clinical trials to multi-year studies treatment in various countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and groundbreaking innovations just to name a few, ITG has established resources and the capacity to apply medical research through large-scale collaborative projects in many countries. 


Our mission is to bring the benefits of modern medical science to the neediest patients, relying on the generation of new knowledge through rigorous research that raises the discussion about health-care equity, quality, and services delivery to comprehensively bring cross-cutting sectors to strengthen health systems in resource-constrained settings.


Domestic HealthForce Staffing Services

ITG has partnered with various hospitals and health facilities nationally to provide highly needed qualified staff. We constantly fill positions with highly experienced nurses and allied health professionals support hospitals and healthcare facilities to deliver services without delay.

Our candidates present a wide range of expertise in various disciplines and have acquired extra training to stay abreast of the latest development in their respective sectors.

Our 24/7  multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals ready to deploy in these disciplines:

•  Medical Executives

•  Nurse Practitioners

•  Nursing (RN’s -various levels)

•  Radiology

•  Nursing Assistants (Techs and CNA)

•  Physical and Occupational Therapy

Laboratory Supplies: COVID-19 PPE's  Submit a request for quote /call us today! 


Global HealthForce Initiative

Putting boots and tools on the ground in communities with high disease-burden and limited human capital is our first priority. Our approach is to collaborate with our global health partners to initiate capacity-building opportunities and create sustainable ways to support local communities. Our Global HealthForce Initiative mission is to create an ever-lasting impact that will last once the donor technical assistance and funds are no longer available.

Such initiatives reflect ITG’s strong commitment to healthcare services quality and health equity, and together with our partners such as USAID, World Bank, African Development Bank, as well as various national Ministries of Health (MoH) have consistently utilized our services to support intra-agency project implementation in underserved communities.

At ITG, many of our staff have been previously engaged with these institutions, and our collaborations with them enable ITG to leverage resources to produce high-quality research reports on complex health issues. This approach has uniquely made ITG an emerging leader in Global Health and we closely monitor existing and new interventions and how best practices can be replicated.

ITG is committed to shortening turn around time on various test results by introducing new platforms and technologies of communications such as mobile Apps, cloud to facilitating eLearning and to accelerate workforce capacity-building activities, as well collecting data to serve as a basis for project implementation and impact evaluation.


In summary, our Global HealthForce Initiative helps us to adapt quickly and replicate best practices to strengthen health systems where they are currently weak or nonexistent. Many of our partners both past and present would attest that this approach has demonstrated effectiveness in local communities where we operate.


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Languages and Cross-Cultural Consulting

ITG language team is recognized as an industry leader in providing foreign language instruction and educational resources to Fortune 500 companies, federal and state agencies throughout the world.  We conduct language instructions at proficiency levels including basic, intermediate, and advance in accordance with the American Council on Education (ACE) standards. 

ITG language instructors use a variety of instructional materials (printed and online), created or compiled by our experienced pedagogical experts.  These materials are incorporated within curriculums which may be tailored to meet the needs of our various clients. Our programs are designed to be proficiency-based and interactive in nature and may be provided at your site, online or at ITG facilities around the country.

We understand the ability to communicate across cultural borders is a necessity for most governments and businesses - in short, cultural sensitivity can make or break a relationship with foreign officials or potential investors.  With our customized consulting and training programs, we will help you understand critical foreign cultural differences in order to flourish in any communication setting. 


Our programs include:

  • Values systems and moral awareness

  • Religious beliefs and diversity

  • Social customs

  • Work practices and business structures

  • Social attitudes and nuances

  • Appropriate etiquette

Our cultural consultants help deepen our client’s awareness and understanding of specific cultures and make international relationships culturally viable.  Additionally, they help answer some fundamental questions about conversation and correspondence with foreign nationals and officials--including:

  •    What kinds of cultural stigma will I have to overcome?

  •    What special customs should I exhibit during a meeting or trip abroad?

  •    Are my materials culturally sensitive?  Do they appeal to my target audience?


Cyber Security, Data Migration & Cloud Computing

In this new era, cloud computing continues to disrupt the traditional world of Internet technology and transform the way companies of all sizes are currently doing business. Companies today are resorting to cloud services, and our team of experts has been involved in various projects to help companies adapt so quickly to this new reality. Today, moving to the cloud provides companies with more agility, elasticity, cost savings, and the ability to expand their business footprint and to develop a global reach to customers. Top-level executives continue to recognize and accept the benefits of the cloud.

Our partners have benefited from our consulting session and have seen a dramatic increase in revenues and reduced expenses onsite IT service units. While many companies are transitioning workloads to a cloud-based infrastructure platform, many companies are still behind as we call them late adopters. For the early adopters, of this new way of doing business have enabled to work across the seas in real-time.



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